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wippen gratis

oneLook Dictionary Search, pronunciation edit, noun edit wippen. The wippen raises a pivoted L-shaped jack that pushes the hammer upward by means of a small roller attached to the underside of the hammer shank. Tja, u leest het goed: in de clipje wordt lekker gewipt.

wippen gratis

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Noun edit wippen ( plural wippens ) ( music ) A component of the action of a mechanical keyboard instrument such as a piano or organ. Pronunciation edit IPA ( key vpn Hyphenation: wippen Verb edit wippen ( third-person singular simple present wippt, past tense wippte, past participle gewippt, auxiliary haben ) to seesaw Conjugation edit Further reading edit Retrieved from " p?title wippen oldid49998573 ". The hammer flies free when the back of the L-shaped jack touches the adjustable regulating button. English edit the wippen of this piano is the part numbered. Please try again later. Plural form of wip, verb edit wippen to play with a seesaw to overthrow to dandle, teeter dat tafeltje wipt : that table teeters to hop ( informal ) to have sexual intercourse Inflection edit Etymology edit From Middle Low German wippen. Ik wens u veel kijplezier. Use in piano action, in keyboard instrument: Modern piano actions back end rises, lifting the wippen. Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents. Etymology edit, you can help Wiktionary by providing a proper etymology. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.